8 ways to cut your electric bill

  • 03 May 2021 23:01
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If you want to lower your electric bill effective, follow the following 8 ways. If you stick to them, you’ll see significantly reduction in your electric bill.

Install solar outdoor lights

You need to install some solar outdoor lights, because they can absorb sun’s energy during the day and light your outdoor space at night. They are totally self-sufficient – a real bargain.

Use more led lights to replace regular ones

LED lights are high-efficient, which can save much money for you. And they can last a long lifetime. Try to use more led night lights and you will see a decrease in your electric bill.

Install a water heater timer

A water heater time can only make the hot water heater on when you need it. Traditional hot water heaters always heat the water all the day no matter you need it or not. If you install such a water heater timer, you will see a 5-12% reduction in the heater’s energy costs.

Cook with lids on

When you cook, you’d better make the lid on, because the heat cannot escape, making foods cook faster and saving your energy.

Preheat the Oven If You Have To

Don’t try to preheat the oven, because this isn’t necessary in most situations. Many foods need long cook times. Some temperature-critical foods are exceptional, like meat and you can preheat the oven, or don’t do it.

Cool the foods before putting them in the Refrigerator

If you put hot foods immediately into your refrigerator, the interior temperature will increase and the refrigerator has to work, consuming much energy. In fact, you’d better allow foods to cool naturally outside.

Don’t place Uncovered Foods/ Drinks in the Refrigerator

Unnecessary condensation makes the refrigerator work harder, and this can cost more money. So Don’t place uncovered Foods/ Drinks in the refrigerator.

Don’t keep your second refrigerator in the garage

If you have two more refrigerators, you may consider put one of them in the garage. However, this is not a good idea, because it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter in the garage, which makes your refrigerator have to work harder. This can cost more money. The ideal place to do that is to find a constant temperature place, like your basement.

Also there are other aspects you can consider to cut your electric bill. For example, you can use solar panels as the energy supply.

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