Top 10 Best Mens Woody Fragrance Of 2022: See Our #1 Picks

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  • Spicy, magnetic, woody cologne for men ideal for the active guy who likes to take risks
  • Youthful and revitalizing scent that gives you the confidence to make the first move
  • Base notes of vanilla, leather, cedar, sandalwood, patchouli & bitter orange
  • Fresh, juicy, spicy, warm, smoky & alluring
  • DEEP AND AUTHENTIC. The emerging scent of mandarin transitions into an intense aroma of bourbon pepper, and ultimately transforms to an engaging amber fragrance. Combined, these notes form an undeniable signal of desire.
  • LUXURIOUS SIMPLICITY. The iconic bottle of For Men Intense's spray, complete with the silver star, is cloaked in a smoky gray container. Gaze upon the refined container and let your imagination loose with infinite possibilities.
  • The Icon, where the brand opens a new territory to show the masculinity and singularity of every successful man
  • Base notes: Woody Moss Oriental Ambery, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Tonka Bean, Amber Accord
  • REFINED MODERNITY FOR MEN. Authenticity and refinement lie within every man's heart, and For Men's mission is to bring those traits to the fore. The original, vibrant essence, created by masters of the aromatic craft, is exceptional in every way.
  • MODERN INTENSITY. The iconic bottle of For Men's spray, complete with the silver star, is topped by a black and silver cap over a clear glass container. Gaze upon the cylindrical container and let your imagination loose with infinite possibilities.
  • The fragrance is a contemporary cocktail of bold, daring scents, reflective of Ronaldo's strong, vibrant character
  • This woody, herbaceous scent opens with gentle top notes of lavender, spicy cardamom and bergamot. Spicy heart notes are comprised of cinnamon, cedar iris and tobacco
  • Heart notes: Aquatic and floral freshness, spiced watermelon, transparent floral notes and cardamom
  • Top notes: Citrus, exotic fruit, aromatic, italian bergamot, blackcurrant and mint
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Dallas Hartwig By, Dallas Hartwig
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