How to Buy The Best Shampoo & Conditioner For You Hair?

  • 08 Sep 2021 12:51
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On the market, there are plenty of different shampoos and conditioners. You may feel confused when to choose one of them. Here we will tell some key points when you want to buy the best shampoo and conditioner.

Expensive ones are better than inexpensive ones?

Is a $20 shampoo better than a $2 shampoo? The answer is no and yes. Some cheap shampoos may have foaming agents which can make your hair dry out. If your hair is oily, limp hair, these cheap shampoos are ideal for you. However, if your hair is color-damaged, chlorine-damaged or sun-damaged, you’d better buy some expensive shampoo. If you found your cheap shampoo and conditioner cannot work for you and your hair is still damaged or limp, a salon product is a better choice.

Choose the right ingredients

You may feel confused by the ingredients on the bottles. Yes, choosing the right ingredient is very important. So you should pay attention to the ingredients rather than the names on the bottles. The basic function of shampoos is the cleaning. So you should pay attention to which type of cleansers is included: a stronger cleanser or a mild one. Generally, different hair style may need different cleansers. We will talk about this issue in another post.

Forget the fragrance and coloring

You may be attracted by the fragrance and coloring. However, don’t let these factors influence you. Some chemicals may produce the fragrance and coloring, so you need to check the ingredients and choose the natural one.

How to get rid of Dandruff

Many people have dandruff problems. The best way to remedy the problem is to rotate 3 different dandruff shampoos which are over-the-counter. These 3 shampoos are one containing selenium sulfide, one containing salicylic acid and one containing pyrithione zinc. If you stick to one of them, the fungus will become immune to it. Therefore, the trio of treatments can help you get rid of Dandruff.

Colored Hair

If you have colored hair, you may consider some shampoos which are specially designed. The cleanser may be gentler, helping preserve the color.

In a word, choose the right one for your hair and your hair can be protected well.

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