How to choose the best Under Sink Water Filter

  • 18 Mar 2021 12:58
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Are you looking for the best under sink water filter? There are some tips you can follow. An under sink water filter can help you get safe and clean water to drink at home. Once you have one, bottled water is useless and you can save much money. We have responsibilities to protect our environment and reducing the use of bottles is the first step. If you don’t like the bad smell and taste of tap water and have no choice but buy bottled water to drink, now you can use an under sink water filter to get filtered to drink and you will find you don’t need bottled water any more.

When you plan to buy one, the first question is that what types of pollutants you plan to use it to filter out. For example, maybe you only need one to remove fluoride, or remove harmful chemicals, or remove heavy metals, or remove bacteria and virus, or remove other types of contaminants. The best advice is that you’d better test your water and find what types of contaminants are in your water. You also can ask your water treatment company for more details. Generally, the water company has a water testing service. Some information is also available on the internet.

If your water quality is relatively good and you just want to improve the smell and taste, choosing a two-stage filter is good enough. If you purchase a more than 4-stage filter, it is just a waste of money and there are many functions you don’t use any more. If there are many contaminants in your water, you should consider a more than 3-stage water filter to reduce chemicals, heavy metals or other contaminants.

There are many more than 3-stage water filters and a reverse osmosis system is good enough as an undersink water filtration system. RO filters have abilities to remove copper, iron, mercury 2, lead, arsenic, sodium, bacteria and virus, and other more contaminants. They may cost you more and it is worthwhile. How to choose the best reverse osmosis system? The following tips will help you choose the right one for your family.

Check customer reviews: If you plan to buy one, it is a good idea to check the customer reviews, because these reviews can tell us if a product is good enough. And these reviews also give you more information. There are also some negative reviews you also need to pay attention. Some are objective, while others are subjective. Don’t be misled by these reviews.

The price factor: When you buy one, you also need to consider the price. Such a RO system may cost you from $200 to $500. Expensive ones don’t mean high quality. Some advanced functions may be useless for you and you don’t need to pay for it. You should know what features you really need.

Replacement cost: Another price factor is also very important. You should consider the cost of replacement filters. Every 6 to 12 months, we need to replace filters. If the replacement filters are expensive and it is not easy to get them, you will cost more.

Easy to install: If the installation is complicated, you may need to hire a professional to do the job for you. This may cost some money. Choose the one which is easy to install and you can install it yourself.

Space and compatibility: When you plan to buy one, you should know whether there is enough undersink space for your RO system. The system also must be compatible with other appliances and fixtures.

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