Philips Avent Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

This Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor by Philips is one of the best baby monitors on the market. Philips is a great company. They produce many great products, such as Philips Shavers, Philips lamps, Philips headphones, Philips TVs, etc. They make our life simple and easy. If you or your friends plan to have a baby, you can read this post. I promise you don’t feel disappointed

Diana Vreeland By, Diana Vreeland
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Recently, a sister asked to recommend the best baby monitors because of her several days old baby. I am a baby products specialist. I highly recommend this Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor based on its performance, rating and customer reviews.

Day and night monitoring

The first feature impresses me is the day and night monitoring provided by this baby monitor without any looking after. And it is totally no harm to babies. It provides private connection at a range of 500ft.

Large 2.4″ color video screen

This baby monitor has a large 2.4″ color video screen. This design is practical for the reason that the large screen can make us see clear pictures. If the screen is too small, or dim, or fuzzy, it’s not convenient to see the pictures and it is difficult to know whether the baby is sound. So Philips Company considered this factor. It comes with this high resolution video.

Automatic screen activation

As we know, many parents are very busy everyday and they are often along with their babies. Therefore, we need a baby monitor with automatic screen activation to monitor our baby while we are busy with something. Fortunately, this monitor has such a function that it can automatically activate the screen of the monitor to inform parents to pay attention to their babies when someone makes noise in your babies’ room.

Cordless and portable

The parent unit is portable and unit. If it doesn’t have this feature, parents can only monitor their babies in only one place, maybe in the dining room. However, if you are in the kitchen, how do you monitor your babies freely? So this baby monitor is cordless and portable, making you freely monitor your babies at anyplace around or in your house.

Soothing lullabies make babies sleep better

Another great feature makes me interested is that it can play soothing lullabies to make your baby sleep better. Babies like sleeping. Why? It’s because when they are sleeping, in fact, they are growing up. The sleep quality is very important to babies. This best baby monitor playing soothing lullabies can make your babies sleep better.

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Diana Vreeland By, Diana Vreeland